The Last Mustang by Laura Crockett

 Volume 1:  An Old Car and a Young Prophet.

The years, 2048 through 2068

Driven by the women characters, the plot takes us through political and natural upheavals. Come along with Angie, her daughter Hilda, Lydia, and the young prophet, Jane. 

The men are Pedro, who wants to offer a kingly crown to Hector Alphonso; Mike, Dr. Veronsky, who guides the young prophet, and Captain Ted. 

The gods are Michael and the Elder. The man from another planet is Naeghoni, who is called Nathan on earth.

The bad guys are a power hungry psychopath, Jenny Mars, and a purist named Atherton, who loves that humanity is brought to the edge of extinction. 

The Prologue to An Old Car and a Young Prophet, is available on the blog. All subsequent chapters available for review will be posted there. Part One will be published in late winter. 

Yes, I am in search of literary representation, and a publisher.


"You have your work cut out for you, yes?"

Opening line from The Prologue


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